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Wax: It’ll Fuck you up

Mike/Eppy from Clap Clap Blog graciously updates The Summer Movie Comparison Chart with the infamous Paris Hilton vehicle House of Wax.

On his blog, Mike always asks the hard questions about Pop Culture and its malcontents, and in this guest spot at The Face Knife, he’s no different. “Does killing Paris Hilton make a movie more or less nihilistic?” Answers on a postcard.

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Suggestions for weekend viewing

The Face Knife needs to see a new release this weekend, if only to update his Summer Movie Comparison chart. In addition to the well-known genre of films “Oscar Bait,” in my universe there exists a segment of releases deemed “Chart Fodder.” (strangely, these two categories don’t seem to overlap, unless Russell Crowe loses a leg in Cinderella Man(and if you know that he does INDEED, please let me know, because I’ll probably go see it)).

Reading through the blurbs at my favorite NYC theaters, I notice I tend to stop reading whenever I hit a phrase like “the power of the human spirit” or “life and its lessons,” and tend to give the benefit of the doubt to “absurd” or “baroque” (not to mention, silly). For instance, the Best of 2004 festival at BAM - I’m going to go see Le pont des arts on Sunday because of the write-up, while the Agentinian bowling movie tomorrow has the dreaded life-lessons in it (though maybe if I saw that and Leage of Ordinary Gentleman it would make a nice essay.)

Other than Mysterious Skin which would augment the appalling paucity of child-rape in the chart after the blockbuster 1-2 punch of Palindromes and Sin City, please suggest a currently playing film that would work well (or you would like to see) in the chart. I’m much more likely to see something with amputations (or a man-eating dog), so note that if your suggestions contains such (or something close). I’m also planning on seeing Night Nurse at MoMA since I missed it last weekend, but other than that…nothing excites me.


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